City of Gods Halloween



Where is the venue?

Grand Prospect Hall is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It is accessible by the N / R / G trains, and a 30 minute car ride from Williamsburg and Union Square. The venue has four floors, 5 dancefloors, 11 bars, lounges to relax, courtyards to make connections, and abundant spaces to explore and experience.

What time does the City open?

The gates to the City open at 9pm. Arrive early to take advantage of everything we've created and to avoid long lines. Have your ID in hand and your ticket ready to be scanned from your mobile phone. Early arrivers will have a special opportunity to get complimentary cocktails at our Speakeasy Jazz Bar on the first floor, available only until 11pm. The second floor will open at 10pm. The third and fourth floors will open at 11pm.

Do you have a coat check?

YES! There will be 2 coat checks available, one on either side of the venue - located adjacent to each entryway. Take a picture of your coat check ticket and note in which location you checked your belongings. Secure your belongings at all times; we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Are tables available?

YES! We offer limited table reservations to take your city experience above and beyond. Please reach out to Maggie to inquire about the possibilities:

Is there a dress code?

Dress for the Gods. Extravagant, imaginative, creative looks are encouraged.

See costume inspiration here:

Please do NOT wear Native-American headdresses to this event, or any costume that is meant to mimic Native American culture. Native headdresses are intended for religious-spiritual uses only, and the Native American community has been extremely vocal about the harm we cause when we wear their culture as a costume. Don’t do it.

Where can I get a costume?

In the spirit of radical self expression, we encourage you to create rather than purchase your costumes. If you are purchasing, be mindful of the source and make every attempt to support local costume designers and ethically sourced fashions.

House of Yes also has special partnerships with the best thrift, costume, and vintage shops around NYC! Say ‘House of Yes’ at the register for a sweet discount.

Spark Pretty – 10% off

New York Costumes – 10% off

Screaming Mimi’s – 15% off

Abracadabra – 10% off purchases of $50 or more

Purple Passion – 10% off

Is there food?

YES! We encourage you to nourish your body and taste the offerings of our city. Warm food, coffee, juices, chai, and other curated treats will be available on the second floor, with plenty of vegetarian options. Our food vendors will accept both cash and credit cards.


In addition to the restrooms inside the venue, we have rented many additional restrooms to keep all our city visitors happy and comfortable all night.

Lost & found?

During the party, the Lost & Found will be located at the Information Booth on the first floor. After the event, all Lost & Found items - including credit cards left at the bar and coats left at coat check - will be kept at House of Yes for a maximum of one week. Please reach out to to inquire about lost items. Any clothing not retrieved by one week after the event will be donated.

Is the venue handicap-accessible?

There is a handicap entrance through the parking lot, and an ADA-compliant restroom by that entrance. All 4 floors of the venue are accessible by elevator. Email at least 48 hours before the event if you have a physical disability that requires the use of the elevator throughout the party. Strobe lights and scents are used during the event.